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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Keeping this display of officer-involved domestic violence fatalities on top from now on...

The Officer-Involved Domestic Violence (OIDV) Fatalities photo presentation that was here has been deleted by, where it had been hosted and streamed from. A screencaptured copy is here on - the site it was originally compiled for.

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[U.S.] Too Many Said-Suicides of Law Enforcement Officer's wives, girlfriends, dates, and ex's

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

[IL] Deaths of CPD Officer Dina Markham and her husband, CPD Sgt. Donald Markham

...Months after Chicago police Sgt. Donald Markham was found shot to death in the master bedroom of his Northwest Side home in what police concluded was a suicide, the FBI got a tip that the narcotics unit supervisor might have been murdered... Chicago police Officer Dina Markham told Sun-Times reporters last month that she had been unaware authorities were looking into her husband Chicago police Sgt. Donald Markham's death... Six days later, on May 28, she was found dead in a bathtub at her home... [7/18/2017] While a police spokesman had previously said Dina Markham's death was being investigated as a possible suicide, the medical examiner's office report stated there was no suicide note or other signs that she killed herself...

[Excerpts] On a hot summer night in 2015, Chicago Police Sgt. Donald Markham’s wife found him dead in their bed with a bullet wound to his head hours after they’d argued at a bar and later at their home, according to police reports. But before a Cook County medical examiner’s investigator could view the scene — standard procedure — police removed the body of the 51-year-old narcotics cop from the home... The FBI and the city of Chicago’s inspector general have launched investigations... Investigators want to know whether someone killed Markham and the police mishandled the investigation or were involved in a cover-up... Now, the case has taken a shocking turn. Markham’s widow, Dina Whitson Markham, 47, also a veteran Chicago cop, was found dead Sunday in the bathtub... Days earlier, Dina Markham had told the Sun-Times she didn’t know her husband’s death was under renewed investigation... With suspected suicides or homicides, the bodies are not supposed to be “handled, disturbed ... or removed from the place of death by any person except with the permission of the medical examiner” except under limited instances... Besides allowing Donald Markham’s body to be removed, along with pillows and sheets, before a medical examiner’s investigator could examine the scene, sources say investigators’ other concerns include the failure to test Dina Markham for gunshot residue to determine whether she fired a weapon during the early-morning hours of Sept. 2, 2015, when her husband died... Donald Markham’s .380-caliber, semi-automatic Glock handgun was in his right hand... Toxicology reports found his blood-alcohol level was well above the .08 percent standard for drunk driving... The Markhams had been quarreling the night he died... The police reports say Dina Markham was locked out of the house, so she knocked on a window that one of their sons opened, letting her in. She went to the master bedroom looking for her keys... and she observed Donald laying on the bed, on his side with his back towards her,” a police report says. “Dina continued looking for her key unsuccessfully. Dina felt the outside of Donald’s pockets, again looking for her keys and felt moisture on her hands. Dina realized the moisture was blood and called 911 for assistance... At the time of her husband’s death, Dina Markham was assigned to the Internal Affairs Division. After the FBI began investigating, she was transferred to Area North, working for Cmdr. Kevin Duffin... On May 22, Sun-Times reporters went to Dina Markham’s house and asked whether she was aware the FBI and inspector general were looking into her husband’s death. She said she wasn’t aware... Their five children are between 13 and 27 years old... [Full article here]

June 1, 2017
Chicago police recently sought the FBI's help in reinvestigating the apparent suicide nearly two years ago of a sergeant [Donald Markham] after officers raised concerns about how evidence was collected at the scene... Then, over the Memorial Day weekend, the renewed probe took a stunning twist after the sergeant's wife [Dina Markham], herself a veteran police officer, was found dead in the couple's same Northwest Side home... The tragic turn of events came as the FBI, in an unusual move, was re-examining the September 2015 death of Markham's husband... The death was ruled a suicide at the time by the medical examiner's office. But the source said Superintendent Eddie Johnson sought the FBI's help after an officer had raised concerns about how evidence was handled at the scene... The medical examiner's office did not conduct its own investigation at the scene because the detective hadn't contacted the office about the death until almost 5:30 a.m., at least two hours after the incident, the report said. By then, Markham's body was being transported to the morgue.... Records show the Markhams were married in 1995 and had five children... Three of the Markhams' underage children were home at the time of the shooting and were interviewed by detectives, but their statements were redacted from the reports provided to the Tribune. Records provided by the Office of Emergency Management and Communications showed Dina Markham called 911 at 3:12 a.m. She told the operator that an off-duty police officer was "bleeding from his head" and needed an ambulance, but refused to answer questions as to what happened or whether he was breathing, then hung up. The Tribune's request for the audio of the 911 call under the Freedom of Information Act was denied by the city, which claimed releasing it would be a violation of privacy... The crime lab tests also showed Donald Markham had gunshot residue on his hand... Markham had no drugs in his system when he died, but blood tests later confirmed he had been drinking... [Full article here]

[Excerpts] Months after Chicago police Sgt. Donald Markham was found shot to death in the master bedroom of his Northwest Side home in what police concluded was a suicide, the FBI got a tip that the narcotics unit supervisor might have been murdered. In the course of its investigation, the FBI — suspecting that someone killed Markham in the early-morning hours of Sept. 2, 2015 — contacted the Chicago Police Department’s Bureau of Internal Affairs. Look into Markham’s case, the FBI urged. But police brass were concerned, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times, that the dead cop’s widow, Officer Dina Markham, who discovered the body, had worked in internal affairs, an assignment she’d held for years, until June 2016, when she was transferred to the Area North detectives division at Belmont and Western.n But Markham’s new assignment created another problem, according to sources, because she now was working in the detective division that concluded that her husband killed himself — the finding the FBI has called into question... Among the questions investigators are trying to answer: why detectives didn’t test Dina Markham for gunshot residue to determine whether she fired a gun... The Chicago Police Department won’t say who decided to transfer Dina Markham from the Bureau of Internal Affairs to the detective unit that handled her husband’s case... Her death is under investigation by the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County medical examiner’s office, whose staff is awaiting toxicology reports to determine how she died. The police have said they believe she took pills and described the death as a possible suicide... [Full article here]

[Excerpts] A Chicago cop, found dead amid an FBI investigation into her cop-husband’s shooting death, accidentally drowned in her bathtub after drinking alcohol and taking an antidepressant, the Cook County medical examiner has ruled. Officer Dina Markham’s body was found at 5:58 p.m. May 28 — about 14 hours after she texted a friend, Patti Thornton, saying, “Help. Please ... no kidding,” according to records released Monday by the medical examiner’s office. Thornton and another friend, Christine Jummati, had gone to Markham’s home on the Northwest Side around 5 p.m. and were let inside by one of her sons, the records show. When Markham’s friends found her bathroom door locked, “They assumed Markham was inside ‘hiding’ from them . . . and didn’t want to talk with them at the time,” according to the medical examiner. “They left a note on her pillow but returned shortly afterwards out of concern.” When they came back about 45 minutes later, they were let inside by the same son. He unlocked the door to his mother’s bathroom, where she was found “fully immersed in a bathtub filled with water,” according to the medical examiner’s office... Markham, 47, had a blood-alcohol level of .187 percent, an autopsy found... A medical examiner’s investigator found “an empty bottle of champagne and Jack Daniels” on the kitchen counter and also found an empty bottle of the prescription medication alprazolam... [Full article here]

[Excerpts] On the day she was found dead in the bathtub of her Northwest Side home, Chicago police Officer Dina Markham sent a desperate, predawn text message to a friend. "Help. Please ... no kidding"... It wasn't until 14 hours later, after Markham failed to show up at a Memorial Day weekend get-together, that her friends went to her home and asked her son to help open her locked bathroom door... Autopsy reports provided to the Tribune on Monday show the Cook County medical examiner's office has ruled Markham, 47, died of an accidental drowning after consuming a dangerous mix of alcohol and the powerful anti-anxiety drug alprazolam... While a police spokesman had previously said Dina Markham's death was being investigated as a possible suicide, the medical examiner's office report stated there was no suicide note or other signs that she killed herself... Through an attorney, relatives of Markham issued a statement saying they were not surprised by the autopsy findings. "We have never believed that this was a suicide," the family said. "There are still some unanswered questions and things that have been published that are not true. We will continue to work to clear Dina's name and do everything we can to provide support for the Markham children"... Investigative reports released Monday show police were called to Dina Markham's home in the 5900 block of North Newark Avenue shortly before 6 p.m. on May 28. When officers arrived, they met up with two of Markham's friends who said they discovered her unresponsive in the water-filled bathtub. One of the friends told police Markham had called her twice at 3:59 a.m., but the friend didn't answer the phone because she was sleeping, the reports show. Six minutes after the calls, Markham sent the same friend the text asking for help. The friend told investigators she saw the calls and text message later that morning but did not respond because she was scheduled to see Markham at a gathering that afternoon. The friend also said that "the early morning phone calls from Markham were not unusual, often when she was in an intoxicated state," according to the reports. But at about 4 p.m., after Markham failed to show at the gathering, the friend and another acquaintance drove to Markham's home, where her teenage son answered the front door, the reports show. Finding the bathroom door locked, they assumed that Markham was inside "hiding" from them and didn't want to talk, one of the friends told police. They left a note on her pillow but returned about 45 minutes later out of concern, according to the reports. The friends had Markham's son open the bathroom door with a key and found the body... Dina Markham's sister, who is a Chicago Fire Department paramedic, came to the scene and took responsibility for the couple's minor children... [Full article here]

DONALD MARKHAM, Age 51. Police sergeant with the Chicago Police Dept. Beloved husband of Dina nee Whitson.C.P.D. Loving father... Dear son... Dear brother... [Full article here]

DINA L. MARKHAM, age 47, Police Officer with the Chicago Police Dept. Beloved wife of the late Donald Markham; loving mother... beloved daughter... dear sister... [Full article here]
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

[PA] Officer Caren Perez is said to have shot husband in self defense

Philadelphia police officer Caren Perez was said to be acting in self-defense when she shot and wounded her husband David Perez - who has been charged with stalking and assault. His attorney said David “categorically denies any prior abuse, either physical or mental."

APRIL 19, 2017
[Excerpts] An off-duty Philadelphia police officer shot and wounded her husband in the driveway of their Bucks County home... Police received a report of a "domestic incident"... The husband, who was shot in his lower abdomen area, was taken to St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, where he was in stable condition and is expected to survive. His wife was taken to the Northampton Township police station and was to be questioned by police and the Bucks County District Attorney's Office... The couple's three children were in the home at the time of the shooting and were not injured. The Philadelphia officer allegedly used her personal gun, not her service weapon... The Philadelphia Police Department's Internal Affairs Division is also investigating the matter... [Full article here]

April 18, 2017
[Excerpts] An off-duty Philadelphia police officer was taken into custody after she allegedly shot her husband in the groin in their driveway at a Bucks County home... When [police] arrived they found a man who was suffering from a gunshot wound to the groin. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. Officials have not yet revealed his condition... Police say the couple’s three children, including a baby, were inside the home at the time of the shooting though none of them were injured. They are now in the care of Bucks County Children and Youth Services... [Full article here]

Updated: APRIL 19, 2017
[Excerpts] ...The woman, whose name has not been released, went to the Northampton Township police station after the shooting Tuesday and "left of her own accord," [Bucks County District Attorney Matthew] Weintraub said... Weintraub and [Northampton Police Chief Michael] Clark have declined to release the names of either person... [Full article here]

Updated: MAY 3, 2017
[Excerpts] A Philadelphia police officer was acting in self-defense when she shot and wounded her husband two weeks ago in the driveway of their Bucks County home... David Perez, 27, who is recovering from the wound to the abdomen, has been charged with stalking and simple assault on his wife, Officer Caren Perez... "Ms. Perez repeatedly had been threatened and physically assaulted by her husband in the past," the Bucks County District Attorney's Office said... An investigation concluded "that Ms. Perez fired her weapon only after being assaulted yet again, and only after she reasonably concluded that her life was in immediate danger," the office said. Robert Gamburg, David Perez's attorney, said his client “categorically denies any prior abuse, either physical or mental"... The affidavit of probable cause gives the following account: When police were called to the couple's home on the morning of April 18, they found the husband in the living room, shot... The wife later told investigators that her husband had assaulted her several times since 2014... In one instance, she told investigators, early on Sept. 5, 2014, after David Perez returned home, he woke her, accused her of lying, grabbed her hair, and punched her in the face numerous times. The most recent assault before the shooting occurred April 2, when the husband confronted his wife outside of a relative's Camden home, accused her of cheating, grabbed her arm, then pushed her into a fence and trash cans, the affidavit continues. On the morning of April 18, Caren Perez later told investigators, her husband demanded to see the contents of her phone, and after she refused, he blocked her from leaving their bedroom. After she made her way out of the bedroom, her husband yelled and cursed, demanding her phone, she told investigators. Fearing for her life, she said, she grabbed her handgun, and during a struggle, it fell to the floor. David Perez then took his gun, and while the two struggled over it, he pointed it at himself and tried to put his wife's finger on the trigger. "Go ahead, shoot me, take me out of my misery, pull the trigger," he is quoted as saying in the affidavit. When the struggle ended, her husband again asked to see her phone, and this time, she gave it to him. Caren Perez then attempted to leave in her car, but her husband grabbed the keys, and told her, "You're not ... going anywhere," according to the affidavit. David Perez then "drop kicked" his wife, charged at her, and made her fear he was going to kill her, she told investigators. That's when she pulled out her gun and fired once at him, the affidavit says. Perez was arraigned Wednesday at the Bucks County Justice Center in Doylestown and released. He was ordered not to have any handguns and not to have any contact with his wife. He faces a preliminary hearing next Thursday in Richboro. [Full article here]

May 3, 2017
[Excerpts] ...The April 18 shooting was ruled self-defense. Off-duty officer Caren Perez shot her husband David Perez in the abdomen... “It’s been going on for some time and this is when it just came to a head,” Clark said, “and Ms. Perez did everything she could to protect herself and her family.” According to the criminal complaint, Caren Perez told police her husband had assaulted her several times since 2014. When an argument over her phone on the morning in question got physical, she tried to get their kids in the car, but he wouldn’t give her the car keys. In the driveway, the complaint says he kicked her, then charged at her, that’s when she shot him. David Perez is free on $75,000 unsecured bail, with the conditions he possess no handguns and has no contact with his wife. [Full article here]

May 3, 2017
[Excerpts] Northampton Township police and Bucks County detectives today arrested David Perez, 27, on stalking and assault charges after an investigation into a shooting April 18, 2017... David Perez also is charged with simple assault stemming from a 2015 incident at the couple’s previous residence in Philadelphia. The charges allege that he repeatedly punched Caren Perez with a closed fist in the chest and face, causing cuts and bruises. The charges were filed on Tuesday in Magisterial District Court 07-2-01, and Perez was taken into custody around noon today at the Bucks County Justice Center in Doylestown. He was arraigned via videoconference by Magisterial District Judge William J. Benz, who set bail at $75,000, unsecured. Among the bail conditions are that Perez possess no firearms and that he have no contact with Caren Perez. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. May 11 before Judge Benz, 60 Township Road, Richboro, PA. Stalking is a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000. Simple assault is a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of $5,000. These charges are allegations only, and Mr. Perez is presumed innocent unless and until the charges are proven in a court of law. Prosecution of this case has been assigned to Bucks County Assistant District Attorney Jessica Bryant. [Full article here]
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

[NYPD] Officer Michael Smith took his own life amid 2 breakups

From news articles: 22-year veteran New York Police Officer Michael Gerard Smith reportedly committed suicide by shooting himself on March 7, 2017 as his NYPD fellow police lieutenant girlfriend and her parents were in the next room of their apartment packing her bags to leave.

At the time he was 47 years old and was separated from his wife.
There's obviously more to this.

There at the scene officers lined up as his flag-covered body was carried out, followed by a procession of police vehicles escorting the ambulance away.
Articles used are herehere, and here.
Fellow officers lit candles outside the apartment building that night.
Smith had filed papers to retire.
He left a note.
"I love you more than you will ever know."
Peace goes out to everyone involved or effected by his life or death.

From Facebook comments:
...r.i.p. brother. *salutes. miss you, mike. thanks for your service. u was a great man. kind gentlemen. nice workin wit ya. *salutes. :-(...
...Heartbroken & sad :( Such a tragedy. Mike, you were always there, always wonderful & everyone loved you. You will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to all his family & friends and everyone at the 70th Pct. May he find eternal peace...
...Incredibly heartbroken about this. Mike was a great NYPD ambassador to our community, and personified Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect in every way. He'll be missed...
...I worked with Mike for many years and was so incredibly sad to hear the news today. He was a great representative of the 7 0. His professionalism and compassionate manner with everyone particularly the Pakistani community when he was their liaison was tremendous. As the Community Affairs officer he was dedicated and always available. Rest In Peace Mike. You will be missed by all...
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Monday, October 17, 2016

[NC] Trooper's wife went to local news to get equal protection at courthouse

"He very much worried me, and even when I reached out for help no one would help."

FACEBOOK PAGE: Justice for Jennifer

Judge: Cleveland Co. magistrate's office policy not consistent with state law
[Excerpts] An On Your Side investigation has uncovered a policy at the Cleveland County magistrate’s office that prohibits spouses and partners of law enforcement officers from getting emergency protection in situations where they feel they are in imminent danger. The discovery was made amid a months-long investigation prompted by a Cleveland County woman [Jennifer Fredell] who says she was denied help by a magistrate because her then-husband [Jesse Saucier] was a state trooper... The law allows a magistrate to issue a protective order to people who present evidence they are a victim of domestic violence when a judge is not available to issue one. But Magistrate Ashlyn Harris refused to issue a protective order against Fredell’s then-husband because he was a state trooper... Article here

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Monday, August 15, 2016

[RI] Ex-Officer Osgood took wife MaryJo's life when he decided to end his own

On July 30th, 2016 retired Providence Rhode Island Police Officer Franklin Osgood fatally shot his wife of 30 years MaryJo ("MJ") Osgood, then fled to New Jersey where he killed himself after Providence officers who knew him were trying to convince him to stop. MaryJo was a legal secretary at Pierce-Atwood in Providence, has five sisters, three brothers, and has 4 wonderful children with Franklin - who "she loved more than life itself", plus 2 grandsons.

Written by MaryJo's sister Karen McLaughlin:
"As the sun broke and the gray clouds came in, our family lost a most precious daughter, sister, mom and grandmother. This is not a time to blame. This is a time to reflect on how easily a life is gone and those left behind are shattered. Our family (along with the rest of this country) is sickened with the profound sadness that is epidemic from gun and domestic violence. MaryJo was a bright energetic funny spunky part of so many lives. As she joins so many others in her eternal resting place, please understand that violence has no prejudice. When it strikes, it takes the very core of your heart. We, MaryJo’s siblings, want her to be remembered as a sister who was loved, a mom and grandmother who devoted herself to her 4 children and 2 grandchildren. All of us deserved to have her in our lives for a long time."

GOFUNDME: Osgood family needs your help!
"I am sure you have heard of the tragedy that took place on July 30, 2016. The Osgood children were never prepared for the events that would unfold that day. They now need your help as they will be facing many financial challenges. Please help Jessica, Crossandra, , Terren and Sereth along with grandchildren Elijah and Treyu during this time of need. While nothing can undo the events of July 30th, your help will ease the burden of what they are about to face. MaryJo was a sweet loving mother who adored her children and grandchildren and was an active member of our community. Officer Rhonda Kessler of The Providence Police Department and Elmhurst Neighborhood Crime Watch would appreciate your generous support of this family."

Info from:
~ Ex-Providence police officer, wife dead in murder-suicide
~ 'Clearly, emphatically domestic violence,' victim's sister says of Providence police officer's murder-suicide
~ Siblings remember Providence murder victim as bright, energetic
~ 'Not a time to blame' says family of victim in Providence domestic violence slaying
~ Family speaks out after apparent murder-suicide
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Thursday, May 12, 2016

[WA] Murdered police chief's wife Crystal Judson's Light Burns Bright For Abuse Victims

EDITORIAL: Crystal Judson's Light Burns Bright For Abuse Victims 
The News Tribune
May 12, 2016
[Excerpts] Thirteen years ago last month marked one of the most dreadful chapters in Tacoma history: the fatal shooting of Crystal Judson Brame at the hand of her police chief husband, David Brame, who then killed himself in the same Gig Harbor strip mall parking lot. The News Tribune spent months investigating and publishing stories about a Tacoma bureaucracy that looked the other way while its top public safety officer abused his estranged spouse. Community leaders pushed for reforms inside the city and police department. For several years after the April 26, 2003 murder-suicide, the newspaper kept the candle burning by printing an anniversary story and a running checklist of reforms -- some completed, others unfulfilled. Today, while the headlines have faded, the important work of preserving Crystal's memory by extending help and hope to other domestic violence victims has not stopped. It is carried on by her parents, Lane and Patty Judson, and by her children, Haley and David, Jr., now young adults. The mission is also entrusted to the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center, which recently observed its 10th anniversary... The Judson center stands out among the great fulfilled promises on the community's checklist, along with improved Tacoma police screening and hiring practices, an early-warning system to catch problem cops, and a federal law that funnels grant money to police agencies that enact meaningful domestic-violence policies... Abuse victims can find emergency housing aid, transportation assistance, help filing police reports and protection-order paperwork and much more... The center reported 2,639 client visits in 2015... Alas, there's more than enough suffering to fill the lobbies of other agencies, too. Pierce County Community Connections and the local YWCA both told News Tribune columnist Matt Driscoll this month that they're seeing more victims, and more intense cases...  [Full article here]

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